Professor sings his way into the spotlight

Lester Duhe

When he leaves the classroom and steps off campus, Professor Dreaux Montegut spends his time as St. Louis Cathedral’s director of music.

“I conduct the choirs there, and it is a great opportunity for me to explore choral music,” Montegut said.

He has been the director of music since 1996 in what he believes to be the prime spot of the archdiocese. At the cathedral, he puts on concerts twice a year with the orchestra.

Montegut graduated from Loyola in 1983 and eventually returned as a vocal performance professor in 1994. He recently celebrated 20 years of teaching at Loyola and said he’s aiming for another 20.

“I love what I do, and I love coming to school,” Montegut said.

Montegut teaches students how to practice, read music, and sing in front of an audience.

He compares his time teaching at Loyola to a playground.

“It’s sort of like going out to play when you’re a little kid. You’re happy to go and be there,” Montegut said.

Kind, understanding, empathetic and talented are just some of the words students use to describe Montegut.

Anne Singer, theatre and music performance sophomore, takes private lessons with Montegut and said she admires him greatly.

“Some people you just kind of click with, and I just feel like he’s so kind and understanding as a professor and a person,” Singer said.

Alexandra Mena, sophomore music major, took voice lab with Montegut.

“He taught us basic techniques for breathing and support while you’re singing and basically just how to start from the beginning and learn how to sing,” Mena said.

Mena complimented Montegut on his passion for music and said she enjoys his approach to teaching. She said that he provides his students with compliments as well as helpful criticism to further their improvement.

“I think of Dreaux as not just one of my professors, but he is also kind of like a mentor because I feel as if I can go to him with any kind of concern that I have,” Singer said.

Montegut loves working with students and watching them grow in their careers. Many of his former students have become his friends and colleagues.

“The best part is seeing how they develop and grow into really wonderful musicians, singers, and see them going out into the world and doing really well,” Montegut said.

Overall, Montegut said he loves his playground at Loyola

As the choir director at St. Louis Cathedral and a voice instructor at Loyola, Montegut seems to be admired for his work and most importantly, his dedication.

“He is my favorite person at this school,” Singer said.