Loup Garou returns to Loyola

After last year’s cancellation, Loup Garou was reinstated as a biennale concert with Grammy-nominated rapper Wale as the headliner.

The Office of Co-Curricular Programs and Student Government Association hosted the concert at Southport Music Hall on Thursday, March 19 at 8:00 p.m. Along with Wale, the opening act featured local group DeepNSpace, Loyola alumnus DJ G-Cue and music industry freshman Luke Caffery.

Students and locals had the opportunity to watch Wale perform at a discounted price. Wale played a wide variety of music from his first three albums and some of his earlier mixtapes.

The SGA also announced the results of the presidential and vice-presidential election. Nate Ryther, economics senior, was elected as president and Natalie Paul, criminal justice junior, was elected as vice president.