Nikki’s Blankets covers the homeless in New Orleans


Taylor Galmiche

Loyola students write letters to the homeless at “Covering the Needy” in the Peace Quad on Nov. 12. The event raised money to provide blankets for homeless New Orleanians.

Taylor Galmiche

New Orleans is finally catching up to sweater weather, but not everyone is excited about the cold days to come. In fact, cold weather threatens those surviving on
the streets.

Dan Fowler, music industry studies sophomore, is chartering the non-profit Nikki’s Blankets NOLA, which exists to provide blankets for the homeless community.

Nikki’s Blankets started with Fowler’s 8-year-old cousin, Nikki Kingsland, in Tampa, Florida.

Kingsland saw a video about the challenges of being homeless in her second grade classroom. She saw that no shelter meant no warmth during the cold season. That winter she asked Santa for blankets, laying the groundwork for her non-profit organization.

Over the past six years, Nikki’s Blankets has distributed over 15,000 blankets in the central Florida community.

On Nov. 12, Nikki’s Blankets NOLA sold Raising Cane’s in the Peace Quad. Students could redeem a box of Cane’s with a blanket or $5. The event, “Covering the Needy,” raised $376 to buy blankets.

“I am so overjoyed at the support that the Loyola community has given me,” Fowler said.

The Residence Hall Association provided Raising Cane’s for
the event.

Kori Jack, a member of RHA, said that he was glad that Nikki’s Blanket NOLA is getting more awareness
on campus.

“It was the charity we didn’t mind helping out. It started with the boxes in the halls, then it became something bigger,” Jack said.

The event brought attention to Nikki’s Blankets NOLA and its future goals. So far, they have collected over 350 blankets.

Some of the blankets will be distributed at the New Orleans Mission on Dec. 5. Blankets will also go to Syrian refugees through Catholic Charities and other local ministries.

Nikki’s Blankets NOLA will continue to accept blanket donations in  labeled boxes in the residence halls.