Everything you need to know about SGA elections

Student Government Association elections are this week. Here is your complete guide to the candidates and amendments.

April 4, 2016

Presidential Race

Presidential Ticket Interview

We interviewed presidential candidate Ellie Diaz and vice presidential candidate Gabby Henry in The Maroon Minute to find out what they want to do with the SGA if elected.

We also surveyed Ellie and Gabby to find out what they thought about other issues involving the SGA. Ellie’s answers are here and Gabby’s are here.

Be sure to read why The Maroon isn’t endorsing a presidential candidate this year.

Senate Race

Meet the Senators

Each student running for the Senate was given a survey of questions ranging from asking how they’re going to reach out to the student body to what they want to accomplish if elected. Find your college and click the links to their survey to learn about your future Senators.

If you’re in the College of Arts and Sciences, here are your Senate candidates

Max Heimburger
Paola Wollants
Anna Smith
Victoria Cinnater
Benjamin Schexnayder
Mylinh Bui
Anthony Zaleski
Hannah Goodman
Margaret Adams
Troyjea Kellup

If you’re in the College of Business, here are your Senate candidates

Hernan Espinal
Camille Mena

Every undergraduate votes for the Senators-at-Large

Justin Blackstone
Kaylen Lee


There are no students running for the Senate from the College of Music and Fine Arts.

Proposed Amendments

The SGA has proposed three amendments to the Constitution which the student body will have an opportunity to vote on. We got the Chief Justice of the Board of Review – the SGA’s high court – to give the rationale behind the amendments.

Read The Maroon Editorial Board’s analysis of the amendments to help you decide to vote yes or no.


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