SGA funding creates new opportunities for students

Nicholas Boulet

Cole Gautereaux, sophomore rugby player, said they would have had an uncomfortable trip without the help of SGA funding.

“The funding has allowed us to travel more comfortably as a unit,” Gautereaux said. “We went to a tournament in Alabama and were able to stay at a hotel, which was crucial because otherwise we would have been sleeping in our vans.”

The Student Government Association sets funds aside to allocate to students and organizations until funds run out.

Student organizations can also find ways to make money from the funds that they have gotten from the SGA.

For example, the rugby team took the $300 they received from SGA and doubled their profits by selling “Loyola Rugby” t-shirts.

“This is great because it allows us to get our name out there and grow as a club,” Gautereaux said.

The SGA doesn’t just support student organizations, it also gives individual students funds for independent research and tests to get into grad schools.

The SGA gives up to $100 reimbursement to any student who took a grad test. They also fund any student or group of students that want to do research in their field.

The first step in receiving allocations is filling out a form on OrgSync to create a budget.

Justin Callais, SGA treasurer, is part of the financial committee responsible for allocations.

“Pretty much anyone on campus is eligible to receive funding,” Callais said.

Loyola’s student financial committee, which includes Justin and six other students, reviews the budget and detailed price quotes to see if the requests are within the budget.