Tulane’s dining options provide dependability, convenience

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Tulane University — some may call it the Ivy League of the south, and it may be the #1 party school in the country, but to Loyola students, it’s a campus full of endless possibilities for food (even though it may consist squeezing through Bruff’s dining hall or waiting in long lines at City Diner, it is still somewhat worth it).

In terms of dining halls, our schools should just switch. Tulane students love the OR, and Loyola students find Bruff more convenient. I guess we both enjoy getting the best of both worlds. On Tulane’s dining website it states, “At Bruff Commons, you will find more than food — you will find a community built around friends and classmates, charismatic chefs and delicious meals.”

However, that is not the case.

Walking into Bruff feels like walking into at your high school cafeteria. Everyone is wearing Tulane gear, and the dining hall is clearly divided. You have the table of athletes, international students and a sprinkle of Loyola kids. Although it may seem a little uncomfortable at first, the food makes up for it. Bruff has lots of different sections including pasta, pizza, a sandwich/salad bar, a large dessert table and more.

Yes, it sounds similar to the OR. However, there is a wider variety of types of foods. Another thing to note is that if you have food allergies, this is the place to be. Along with a gluten-free section, Bruff Commons also offers a whole fridge of almond, soy and lactose-free milk. There is no doubt that going to Bruff is a great way to experience a different atmosphere and save Wolfbucks.

And when one is in the mood to splurge, Tulane’s LBC is the perfect place to go, with a wide range of vendors that produce a “global menu,” including Star Ginger for the place to go for “Asian cuisine”, AL Fuego for your knock-off Felipes/Chipotle fix, as well as Panera, WOW Cafe and Zatarains. Although they are pricey, they definitely offer a lot of flavor.

For late night, City Diner was always the reliable option. However, they changed their menu by taking away seafood dishes and notable New Orleans dishes. Now, City Diner is a basic diner with breakfast food, burgers and overpriced chicken fingers. Not much of a variety, but it still gets the job done after a long night at The Boot. With a funny staff, comfortable seats to watch Saints games and a large pancake that can feed 4 for $6, City Diner never disappoints even with a smaller menu.

So overall, while there aren’t that many options to get a good bang for your buck, Tulane is always reliable.

Thank you Tulane for making sure that everybody eats. We can always depend on you.