Ambrose and Cassama have big plans for campus

Tyler Wann

Sierra Ambrose and Joann Cassama were recently elected to the positions of President and Vice President of the Student Government Association for next year and are ready to embark on their SGA journey to better Loyola’s campus.

The pair ran on a platform of transparency and diversity, promising to cater to all corners of campus in the most open and honest way possible. Ambrose said she plans on upholding those values, with her initiatives being focused on the health and wellness of the student body as a whole.

Cassama said that they were welcomed into SGA with the attitude of “no days off,” and that they have been working vigorously to learn the ropes of student government since their election. Ambrose also said that they have been busy putting the budget together and meeting with administrators to prepare for the coming year.

“Right now, we’re getting our feet in the water early so that when the next school year does come around, we’ll be able to just row forward. We’re getting our schedules filled out so that we’re ready to be on the ball,” Ambrose said.

The plans for next year include setting up an international festival for students. Ambrose said that she was inspired by a similar festival from her hometown of Lafayette and would like to see the same sort of event take place on campus to show off different cultures that exist in and around New Orleans.

“It’s a great way to help diversify a community and show a lot of history, and it would be a great fund raiser as well,” Ambrose said.

The pair said that they want the Loyola community to feel comfortable approaching them, and plan on serving with an open door policy.

“We are always open. You can shoot me emails or anything. I won’t hesitate to text back,” Cassama said. “I want students to be able to take advantage of that so we can push more for what they want.”

They said they encourage students to come to the weekly senate meetings in the SGA office in the basement of the Dana Center.

“Don’t feel scared to come down the stairs and talk to us. This is the chance for students to tell their senate what they want to see going on around campus. I feel like students should be aware and take advantage of that so we can push more for what they want as well,” Ambrose said.

Cassama doesn’t see their enthusiasm for the job fading out any time soon.

“I can see this excitement going through the full term,” she said. “ A lot of people were behind us with our initiatives and it’s exciting to be in this position where I know I can fulfil these promises.”

Ambrose echoed this sentiment.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of change,” she said. “It’s meeting the requirements of fulfilling everything we’re promising, but doing it one step at a time. And doing it right.”