December welcomes Nola Krampus-style haunted house


Caitlyn Reisgen

The hearse, which is iconically featured outside of the haunted house, is decorated for the Christmas season. The decorations include a tree on the roof, a wreath, and deer antlers completed with Rudolf’s red nose. Photo credit: Caitlyn Reisgen

Caitlyn Reisgen

Christmas time is upon us, but holiday decor and Christmas music are only the beginning. This cheerful holiday will take a dark turn Dec. 7-8 with the New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House.

This haunted, Christmas-themed venue is decorated with lights and holiday staples. But instead of bright lights making the place more cheerful, the haunted house is full of grotesque scenes.

This year’s haunted house theme revolves around Krampus, “the King of Christmas Nightmares,” according to the New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House website. “This demonic beast of Christmas,” the website states, “is always looking for kids to snatch up in his sack. He may dress like Santa but he never comes with presents.”

Other featured characters include evil elves, who play tricks that are a lot more sinister than those of Santa’s helpers. For haunted house goers who want to keep the thrill alive, the venue will also have open their $5 mini escape rooms, Anubis, Séance and Autopsy.