BREAKING: SGA Chief-of-Staff Resigns


Riley Katz

The Student Government Association’s Chief-of-Staff Fallon Chiasson resigned yesterday.

In an interview, Chiasson said the current working environment and atmosphere in SGA prevented her from doing her job effectively.

“I didn’t feel proud to be part of the organization anymore,” Chiasson said. “The leadership style of that organization is autocratic, and I don’t thrive in that environment.”

According to Chiasson, the interview process has already begun, and the replacement will be chosen solely by the current SGA president Sierra Ambrose. The end of the fall semester is the best time for this to happen, as it gives SGA time to interview and hire a replacement, Chiasson said.

“My role as chief-of-staff gave me some of the best experiences of my life,” she said. “The connections I made with incoming students during the fall council made me feel fulfilled, and deciding to resign was a difficult decision.”