Design junior illustrates children’s alphabet book


Paul Roach, design junior, paints in his house on Jan. 24. Roach’s illustrative talents were recently published in the local children’s alphabet book “From A to Zoot” by Margaret David Laborde and Rebecca Feeney Doherty. Photo credit: Sophie Whitehead

Valerie Cronenbold

Paul Roach came to Loyola with hopes that his education would one day lead to a thriving art career. Little did he know that before earning his degree, he would be a published illustrator.

Roach, studio art junior, created the drawings for From A to Zoot, a children’s book written by Margaret David Laborde and Rebecca Feeney Doherty, a local attorney and U.S. district judge respectively.

“What they had written for the book actually matched my drawings, so they immediately decided they wanted me for the project,” Roach said about teaming up with Laborde and Doherty.

“From A to Zoot” is an alphabet book released October 2018 by Mascot Publishing. Designed to teach children what each letter stands for, the book uses drawings to help young readers remember letters of the alphabet. It contains colors and images to “reinforce positive and good morals while teaching children lessons along the way,” according to Roach

While Roach said he is proud of his work, he considers himself to be more of a painter than an illustrator.

“When I’m not in school, I’m either painting, designing or working on a solo show,” he said.

Roach’s previous work includes a live mural inspired for Shuck Cancer — the name is a reference to shucking oysters — a cancer society organization that has teamed up with restaurant Superior Seafood.

As for the future? Roach said big plans lie ahead.

His next project is a pop-up solo gallery show, titled “The Lost Art of Communication.”

“My 10-year goal is to own a gallery warehouse, a space to create art in multiple cities,” Roach said.