Havoc gets hype for conference mascot challenge


Cristian Orellana

Havoc the Wolf has served as Loyola’s mascot since 2006 after a re-branding by the Loyola New Orleans Athletic department. Havoc is present at games held on campus as well as university events. Photo credit: Cristian Orellana

Rhon Ridgeway

Loyola’s own Havoc T. Wolf will be a contestant in the 2019 Southern States Athletic Conference Mascot Challenge, but he needs the Wolf Pack’s support to win.

The SSAC Mascot Challenge launched Feb. 5 and will pit all eight conference mascots against each other to get the most fan votes in online polls.

The contenders for the challenge and mascots are numbered one through eight based off last year’s results. Claws from Bethel University has won two earlier competitions and ranks as the No. 1 seed.

During the 2018 Mascot Challenge, Havoc placed seventh. He could place higher this year depending on the number of likes he pulls in.

Loyola’s athletic department plans to advertise the challenge on all their social media platforms. Mike Swartz, Loyola’s director of communications, talks about what it would mean for both Havoc and Loyola if the mascot wins the challenge.

“Figuratively, it would be a fantastic testament to the great student-athletes, coaches, staff members, students, faculty, alumni and fans we have here at Loyola — and of course, bragging rights,” Swartz said.

Swartz also addressed the uniqueness of the conference challenge.

“This is just a promotion that the staff at our conference office came up with to help build some excitement around the great universities and athletic programs we have within the SSAC,” he added.

Havoc will compete against Rage from Dalton State College on Thursday, Feb. 7 during round one. Then he will square off against round-two opponent on Feb. 13. The opponent will be determined from round one’s results.

Voting and results of each match-up will be available on the athletic conference’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts from 9 a.m. each day voting begins to 8:30 a.m. CST the following day.