Andres Fuentes

A father rides with his daughter in a bicycle through bubbles on Decatur Street. The French Quarter Fest prides itself on its family-friendly atmosphere.

Column: The French Quarter Fest celebrates everything New Orleans

April 15, 2019

You couldn’t tell that hurricanes upon hurricanes dispersed its people. There were too many shuffling feet, dancing to horns, strings and melodies.

You couldn’t tell that there was once a yellow fever epidemic. There were too many smiles chowing down on Cajun food.

You couldn’t tell that a fire ripped through the cast iron balconies and walled courtyards ages ago. There were too many “WHO DAT” banners and fleur-de-lis flags dripping down into the streets.

You couldn’t tell that the French Quarter went through 300 years of heartbreak, devastation and disaster. There was too much joy, singing, love, culture and, of course, music throughout the 39th French Quarter Fest.

Over 200 artists filled the air with song. Restaurants and vendors kept the crowds fed and satisfied.

More so than the star-studded Jazz Fest or the weeks upon weeks of plastic beads, marching bands and coveted throws, the French Quarter Festival is truly a celebration of New Orleans food, craft and music.

Housed among centuries-old buildings near the mighty Mississippi, the French Quarter Fest finds a home in the heart of the city, bringing locals and tourists an authentic vibe, taste and smell of what the area has been known for for three centuries.

Here’s to another 300 years of celebration and all that jazz.

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