Column:You don’t need a valentine to enjoy chocolates, or anything else for that matter




There’s something about Valentine’s Day: this happy, disgusting day that I could go on about, from capitalist exploitation to celebrations of love being wonderfully polluted by industry. Fortunately, there will be many other Buzzfeed Community writers who will provide that for you.

I, however, want to shed light on the unsung heroes of this day, the ones who sarcastically brush off the day as “just another Friday” on the social media outlet of their choosing. Maybe these curmudgeons even post some “forever alone” meme to get a fraction of the attention they desire, on this day of public affection.

You, ladies and gentlemen, are truly the toughest around, and I know that because I am one of you. Getting your heart broken at least two Valentine’s Days in a row can really take a toll on a self-described closet romantic’s soul, but I am writing to release you from your shackles of wit.

You may not have a chorus of fraternity pledges sing you “Build Me Up Buttercup” with roses in hand or even get to wear that sexy lingerie you bought once, but that’s OK. There is always another year. There is always another day, another story to be had that will be completely original and beautiful, because it will be yours. I’m not asking you to turn this day into anything new or different, just liberate yourself from expectations of what Valentine’s Day should be.

We are not our parents, or grandparents, we don’t get courted – but sometimes we do and that’s great too. The beauty of this time and this generation is that we are different; we are inspired and motivated by things that aren’t even real sometimes – probably by some misguided Pinterest quote.

All I want is for you to know that it is OK to be upset about not having a valentine, boyfriend, girlfriend, hookup or boo thang. Now, I’m not saying you have to go all middleschooler-on-Myspace and rip your souls out to show the Internet, but I would love to see fewer sarcastic remarks this year and more acceptance of where people are in their lives.

I would love to watch my peers get motivated by this day. Use Valentine’s Day like Valentine’s Day uses us and do something for your own betterment. Even if getting something done is you finally sitting down to cry about something you should’ve months ago, then cry! Or maybe it’s doing that paper way ahead of time – you’ll be ahead of all of those love-struck suckers.

Hell, I know this day sucks for those without a honey, but you’re not alone and you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed. Do something for yourself besides making your blog seem cooler than Valentine’s Day.

I ask you to join me, broken-hearted twenty-somethings, in the celebration of not having a lover, but still loving love. Celebrate self-love, growth and eagerness for your future. Certainly you don’t want Internet trolls calling you a hypocrite when you were creating a shield. I want my closeted lovers to get off the sass train, and go be productive somewhere, either with someone or all by your fabulous self.

Let’s all stay young and hopeful, just as the baby-boomers raised us, and stop alienating emotions. I have emotions and they come out all the time – especially when listening to Taylor Swift – judge me. I don’t care.

Isn’t that the way we want to be? Non-judgemental, progressive, outspoken twenty-somethings that have more depth than their Twitter feed. In the end it’d be great if we could all stay naive and get our sappy love story one day, too. Admit it, that’s what we all want anyway.

Hannah Gomez Farias is a mass communications junior

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