Streaming This Week: March 27

Ver Lumod

It’s yet another week of quarantine. But don’t despair because lots of streaming services offer lots of great content to pass the time and entertain. From a new season of a thrilling drama series about a money launderer and his family to a showcase of one of the most enduring actresses in French cinema, here is a list of films and TV shows you can stream from home.

March 27

Ozark: Season 3 (Netflix)

Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Picking up after the events of season two, the new season of “Ozark” features Marty, played by Jason Bateman, and Wendy Byrde, played by Laura Linney, as they open their riverboat casino, “The Missouri Belle.” However, the volatile couple soon find themselves caught in a three-way war between a drug cartel who wants Marty to keep laundering money for them, its rival cartel and the relentless FBI.

Also streaming:
Car Masters: Rust to Riches: Season 2 (Netflix)
The Decline (Netflix)
Killing Them Softly (Netflix)
There’s Something in the Water (Netflix)
Uncorked (Netflix)
Of Time and the City (Criterion Channel)
My Winnipeg (Criterion Channel)
Todxs Nosotrxs: Season 1 (HBO)

March 28

Making the Cut: Season 1 (Amazon Prime Video)

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

After leaving fashion reality TV show “Project Runway” back in 2018, former host Heidi Klum and show mentor Tim Gunn are back with their own fashion competition series for Amazon Prime Video.

Also streaming:
The Kitchen (HBO)
Fly Away Home (Criterion Channel)

March 29

The Last Metro (Criterion Channel)

Courtesy of United Artists Classics
Courtesy of United Artists Classics

Catherine Deneuve has been widely known as the grande dame of French cinema. In celebration of her striking beauty and icy elegance, Criterion Channel has made many of her celebrated films available for streaming. One of them is “The Last Metro,” an award-winning 1980 historical drama from renowned French director François Truffaut. It centers on Deneuve as an actress who has to protect her husband, a Jewish theater owner played by Gérard Depardieu, from the Nazis in German-occupied France.

Also streaming:
Vice and Virtue (Criterion Channel)
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Criterion Channel)
Repulsion (Criterion Channel)
Belle de jour (Criterion Channel)
The Young Girls of Rochefort (Criterion Channel)
Mississippi Mermaid (Criterion Channel)
Donkey Skin (Criterion Channel)
Tristana (Criterion Channel)
Un flic (Criterion Channel)
A Slightly Pregnant Man (Criterion Channel)
The Hunger (Criterion Channel)
The Young Girls Turn 25 (Criterion Channel)
A Christmas Tale (Criterion Channel)
The Girl on the Train (Criterion Channel)
On My Way (Criterion Channel)
Santee (Hulu)

March 30

On the Waterfront (Criterion Channel)

Courtesy of Colombia Pictures Corporation
Courtesy of Colombia Pictures Corporation

This 1954 American crime drama film from pioneering director Elia Kazan stars Marlon Brando in one of his greatest roles, as a former boxer turned longshoreman who has to deal with his corrupt union bosses.

March 31

Vertical Limit (Showtime)

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing

The 2000 survival thriller centers on a climber, played by Chris O’Donnell from “NCIS: Los Angeles”, who must rescue his sister, played by Robin Tunney from “Prison Break,” from being trapped in one of the world’s tallest mountains.

Also streaming:
Gods and Monsters (Showtime)
Legends of the Fall (Showtime)
St. Elmo’s Fire (Showtime)
Counterfeit Kunkoo (Criterion Channel)
Charulata (Criterion Channel)
The Scheme (HBO)
Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align): Complete Season 1 (DUBBED) (Hulu)