SGA confirms new chief justice, new student organizations


SGA Senate confirmed Tyler Sanchez (second to left) to be the administration’s new Chief Justice at their Sept. 30 meeting. Here, Sanchez is pictured running in last year’s presidential race. File photo.

Chloe Caudle

The SGA Senate meeting Sept. 30 confirmed a new chief justice and senator while also chartering new organizations and passing initiatives.

The senate confirmed new Chief Justice Tyler Sanchez after Former Justice Gordon Towell resigned last week. He was elected unanimously 16-0. Sanchez hopes to make more voices heard in his position, and he said he hopes to continue the former chief justice’s initiative to better structure Iggy’s Cupboard.

The senate also confirmed the election of the new senator Mayanna Semien for the college of music and media. Her initiatives include starting a mentorship program within the school of music and media, starting a music major showcase, combating food insecurity and the formation of a bi-weekly Twitter Town Hall to get more students involved in her plans.

The senate also passed two initiatives, one to adjust classes for Election Day to get students out to vote and the other to hold a roundtable for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Election Day class adjustment passed so students would have be able to vote during that time. This initiative will make attendance optional on election day, November 3, 2020. There will also be transportation for people who will want to do early voting via Loyola’s shuttle service. This initiative will also give students resources that will make them aware of different voting options in the future. This was an opinion initiative which will be brought before the board for a final vote.

SGA will also hold a Hispanic Heritage Month roundtable on Oct. 15 at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and to hear from Loyola’s Latinx community. It has not been decided where it will be held but a Zoom link will be available for all who want to attend.

The SGA also passed two student-led organizations on campus.

They are the NAACP college chapter and the Pre-Law Society.

The NAACP plans to focus on informing the public on racial politics and getting involved in the community with youth and prison outreach, health programs and educational programs. There are no requirements to join this club.

The second organization established in the meeting was the Pre-Law Society which will help anyone interested in finding law school resources or creating a network of connections. The society will provide a support system for Pre-Law students and plans to partner with Loyola’s law school.

The next SGA Senate meeting will be held Oct. 7.

Brandon Tate contributed to this report.