Loyola students and faculty vax up for flu season

Parker Boyd

Loyola’s faculty and students lined up to get free flu shots to prepare for the upcoming winter season. 

Lawrence Bourgeois, a Loyola sophomore, is one of the students that received the shot. 

“I feel free and totally fine. The shot was painless,” said Bourgeois. 

Bourgeois said that people can make a difference by getting the shot. 

“It shows that you’re gonna get out of your seat. That you’re gonna get out there and you’re gonna say ok, i’m gonna take action,” he said. 

Maria Pabon, a Loyola law professor, said that the shot will keep her safe. 

“I’ve had the flu before, years ago and it really hurt. I don’t wanna catch it again so the vaccine will definitely help me,” said Pabon. 

Loyola is working hard to keep its community safe, but the key is vaccination. 

Amie Cardinal, a nurse that works in the Student Health Center, said that staying healthy is the key to success. 

“Students don’t have time to be sick. We wanna be healthy, we wanna be here, we wanna be together, have fun and do fun things on campus. By being healthy we can stay here and be fun and healthy together,” said Cardinal. 

Bourgeois said that more people should do their part. 

“I’m glad we’re having vaccine fairs like this because it’s showing people that this is a group event we all gotta work together to make this work. Um I just hope that more people can get involved,” he said.