Fava goes from the court to managing the complex

Fava goes from the court to managing the complex


Gabrielle Korein

Sports complex manager Andrew Fava poses in the newly refurbished sports complex on August 31. Fava, a former Loyola basketball player, is excited to continue to be a part of the Loyola athletic program.

Veronica Offner, Life and Times Assistant

Andrew Fava, a familiar face to the Wolf Pack, is the newest coordinator of the University Sports Complex.
Fava, who transferred from the University of Florida after two seasons, joined the Wolf Pack in 2019. He most recently helped lead the men’s basketball team to its first national title last year since 1947.
For the past three years, Fava has worked as a building manager at the University Sports Complex, but he stepped up this year as the complex’s overall coordinator.
“I like having responsibilities, and being able to put my footprint on some things and hopefully elevate the level of the sports complex,” Fava said. Fava looks over the daily operations of the gym. He works with the assistant athletic director, coordinates the use of the facilities, and helps prepare the gym for events, he said.
But Fava’s new position hasn’t been without hurdles. Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Ida last August, the complex is currently undergoing renovations. Fava was hired in the midst of the renovations, and the complex has been closed for the majority of his time as coordinator so far.
“(Renovation) has been a little tricky trying to navigate but I’m really excited about what’s going to happen once we reopen,” Fava said.
Fava hopes to one day coach college basketball after his time as Loyola’s complex coordinator. He said that there’s a lot that goes into coaching that he looks forward to.
“It’s not just X’s and O’s on a basketball court, a lot of it is helping student-athletes with their day-to-day operations and helping to run an entire athletic program,” Fava said.
Last semester, Fava went viral on Twitter, offering to drive basketball coaches to and from the airport during the final four basketball tournament in New Orleans, in order to connect with them and learn the ins and outs of coaching a college basketball team.
Despite Fava’s goals of being a coach, he said his commitment to both the sports complex and the Wolf Pack as Loyola’s coordinator are his main focus at the time.
“I love really being able to make an impact on the community with the student body with the members of this community,” Fava said.
Anyone with questions or suggestions about the University Sports Complex is asked to contact Fava at [email protected] or (504) 864-7374.