Loyola Starts New Record Label

Abigail Schmidt, Sports Editor

A group of Loyola students started the school’s first record label, giving a voice and exposure to aspiring talent all over the school.
“These are connections we’ll hold onto forever,” said senior music industry and productions major Wyatt Pinto. Wolf Moon Records is Loyola’s first ever fully student-run record label, and is looking to give a voice and a platform to any new artists who want to be heard.
Music industry studies junior Aniya Teno worked completely alone for their first four singles. With Wolf Moon, Aniya got to branch out into the aspects of a real label and “get feedback from people who know good music… without signing off on a huge contract,” they said. Their project is neo-soul and R&B based, and Wolf Moon has been “a great asset in creating the project itself,” while not having to worry about going at it alone, they said. “(It has) allowed me to establish a trajectory for my professional career.” Aniya’s first single with Wolf Moon is set to drop at the end of October.
Starting out as “guinea pigs,” the group of students joined the class originally thinking they were learning how a record label works. Little did they know they were actually running the label themselves. Starting as an idea from staff advisor Tim Kappel in spring of 2022, the group of returning members and new recruits are bringing Wolf Moon to fruition this fall.
“This is a very good opportunity to discover what you would like to do and also be exposed to a lot of different departments,” said music industry studies and public relations senior Aja Cousin. Professors want students to join the class and give anyone the insight they need to learn the ins and outs of a professional label and marketing, she said.
“Our goal here, under the support of Loyola, is to branch out and find other student artists and talent,” Cousin said. “Outside of artists, there’s so much that goes into running a record label and connections you have to make,” she said. Loyola is full of designers, photographers, videographers, social media coordinators, and so many other elements that go into the process. Wolf Moon aims to give these students a chance to use what they have and find exposure.
“We get to cultivate each other and act as a stepping stone for the scary world (the artists) are going into after graduation,” Cousin said. She discussed how the label has helped her figure out what she wanted to do and learn more about herself. “It’s fun to work towards a common goal with other people. There’s no way we’re not going to succeed,” said Cousin.
The group gives students money and resources for their projects, according to Pinto. An artist is given $500 and gets a single and a music video, along with marketing credentials to say they’ve been signed to a professional label.
“They don’t owe us anything; we pay them to create music,” Cousin said. Artists get to experience and will learn what it’s like to create music with a label and can go out and make other connections. Wolf Moon wants to give aspiring artists leverage and knowledge of the music industry, and the tools they will need to be a “real world” musician, according to Cousin.
Music industry and business major senior Paddy Brennan landed a job at the Orpheum Theater with Wolf Moon on his resume. “It’s given me a really great backing and idea of what goes into a label,” said Brennan. “Putting a team behind a project and getting to work on something that’s not yourself gives you a different perspective.” A small community like Loyola helps make connections all over the city, according to Brennan.
Any Loyola student that wants to be signed as an artist is welcome to join, according to Brennan. They are currently looking for their two artists for this year. Students are encouraged to email [email protected] with their name, one or two songs they would like the board to hear, and any other information they would like the board to know. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Sept. 14.
The label’s first release is Oct. 14, so be on the lookout for new sounds from Loyola!