Tennis team has had trouble at the start of the season

New doubles’ pairings are taking a while to break in

ALEX DAVIS Staff Writer

Sunday, March 4 was not a good day for Loyola’s tennis team. In the team’s match with Shorter University, both the men’s and women’s teams lost 0-9 in both singles and doubles.

According to coach Zubin Engineer, Shorter’s experience was one reason for Loyola’s loss Sunday. The school, based in Rome, Ga., has one of the top-10 tennis teams in the country, he said. It was also the first time the two universities have ever played each other.

First-year law student Brian Pena, the men’s most senior player, said a team reorganization left him unprepared for the match. Normally, Pena’s partner is men’s captain and chemistry junior Josh Laviolette.

This was the first time he and economics junior Devon Belcher played as doubles partners, so they did not have a lot of time to practice and learn to complement each other’s strengths.

In men’s doubles, history junior Matthew Farnham and Laviolette had the best record, winning three games.

In men’s singles, Pena won two games in the first set and four in the second.

The women’s teams fared the same as the men did, losing to Shorter 0-9.

In women’s doubles, women’s captain and psychology junior Frances Bonnin and biology freshman Meghan DeBaroncelli won one game. In women’s singles, political science sophomore Chelsea Keene won four games in the first set and two games in the second set.

Loyola’s next match is at home against Xavier Univserity. After that, they are scheduled to play two conference matches – one against Spring Hill College and the other against William Carey Univesity.

The two conference matches will be vital for the team as it will try to be in position for a top seed in the SSAC tournament.

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