Letter to the Editor: Abortion should be an individual decision


Lately there has been a lot of discussion about abortion. Maybe you’re tired of hearing about it. You’ve probably heard the arguments from both sides and have already formed an opinion. I believe the only way to resolve this issue is for every person to bravely confront and contemplate in the matter in their heart.

Put out of your mind the opinions of your family and friends. Forget anyone who has harassed you over your past commitments. This isn’t about them. Don’t shy away – demand of yourself an answer.

Am I really positive that whatever is in a pregnant woman is not a human being? If you can answer that positively, then don’t let anyone sway you. But if you cannot, if there is any doubt at all – then consider what, or potentially who, is at stake. Convenience, personal feelings, financial problems; what do these matter, except to remind us that we may be stealing these away from other humans? Just as we have a responsibility to still our hand, to restrain from shooting at someone if there is a possibility that a bullet is present, we have the very same responsibility to still our hand if there is the slightest possibility that a human is present in the womb.

This is a scary moment. This is a defining moment, and one that every one of us must personally come to terms with.

Gabby Carter

Business management sophomore