Editorial: Stay engaged during summer

AT ISSUE: Students should understand bills that could impact them

With the school year over, there is no justification for being uninformed on issues affecting students. The Louisiana state legislature is currently addressing several issues that will have an impact on all of us.

Although some possible changes are minor, others will considerably alter student’s lives.

House Bill 499, for example, would require all car passengers to wear seat belts if passed. It would allow police officers to pull over cars if they see this isn’t being followed. Few would argue the importance of such a bill for safety, but students need to be aware of it to make sure they comply.

Other bills are likely to draw differing opinions, such as a recently quashed smoking ban for bars, but they all call on students to be informed and engaged in current issues. Their effect on some, if not all, students is undeniable.

After all, Loyola itself may be affected by upcoming changes. The state government is working on budget cuts for public universities. Granted, the impact on Loyola as a private institution is minimal, but it reinforces the need for students to stay informed on issues affecting their education and that of their peers.

Legislative changes are not restricted to Louisiana. Students in other states should also keep up with issues in their own governments.

There is no grueling workload to use as an excuse in the summer. It is a civic responsibility for all students to stay involved and understand issues affecting their future.