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Clinton and Trump win in Louisiana primaries

Nick Reimann

March 6, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both cruised to victory in the Louisiana primary. On the Democratic side, Clinton claimed victory winning 71 percent of the vote and carrying 63 of the state’s 64 parishes. Tr...

Louisiana gears up for 2016 presidential primary election

Nicholas Morea

March 4, 2016

With the presidential race heating up, Louisiana is next on the campaign trail for both Republicans and Democrats. On March 5, Louisiana voters registered for a specific party will be able to cast their vote in the Louisiana...

Presidential candidates look forward after Iowa

Nick Reimann

February 4, 2016

After the Iowa Caucuses officially kicked off the 2016 presidential race, the candidates’ focus now shifts toward New Hampshire. The state will hold its primary on Tuesday, Feb. 9, giving candidates an opportunity to gain...

John Bel Edwards proposed plan to protect LGBT employees

Nick Morea

December 11, 2015

Newly elected governor John Bel Edwards has proposed a new initiative to protect LGBT employees in Louisiana from discrimination. People who identify as gay can be fired from there job in Louisiana. Edwards' plan would cover...

Wildes speaks out at SGA meeting

Jessica Molina

November 20, 2015

At the Nov. 18 SGA meeting, students were encouraged to attend and bring their concerns to the Rev. Kevin Wildes, S.J., university president, in a question-and-answer-style discussion. The first question was in regards to Wild...

Decision Day Nears in Louisiana Governor’s Election

Nick Reimann

November 20, 2015

After weeks of fiery debate, Election Day is finally here. Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter faces Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards in a run-off election on Nov. 21 for the governor of Louisiana, after neither secured a...

Gov. Bobby Jindal drops out of the Republican Presidential Race

Nicholas Morea

November 18, 2015

Louisiana Governor and presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nominee.Jindal said on the Fox News Channel "I've come to the realization that this is not my time". Jindal ne...

The race for Governor of Louisiana

Nicholas Morea

October 23, 2015

The race toward who will be Louisiana's next governor starts on Oct. 24. Governor Bobby Jindal will be unable to run so the republican party has two candidates in Scott Angelle and David Vitter. The democratic nominee is John Be...

Editorial: Caught in the crossfire

Gage Counts, [email protected]

October 23, 2015

Loyola’s University Senate ­— the body composed of faculty representatives from each department, college and school at Loyola — has proposed a vote of “no-confidence” against our university president, the Rev. Kevin...

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