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Lauren Stroh
Lauren is an English writing sophomore. She has previously worked on The Maroon as an editorial assistant, a staff writer, and as a copy editor. In her free time, Lauren enjoys painting with water colors, reading, and going to school. As this semester's editorial editor, Lauren says that she is excited to "compile provocative and insightful commentary on issues relevant to the Loyola community."

Lauren Stroh, Editorial Editor

Apr 24, 2015
Editorial: Separation of church and hate (Story)
Apr 17, 2015
Editorial: Minimum wage must be increased (Story)
Apr 10, 2015
Editorial: Women on 20s (Story)
Mar 20, 2015
Editorial: Student Aid Bill of Rights a step in the right direction (Story)
Mar 05, 2015
All gender identities must feel welcome at Loyola (Story)
Feb 27, 2015
The Talk (Story)
Feb 13, 2015
Voting for change (Story)
Feb 05, 2015
Mindful masquerading (Story)
Jan 30, 2015
Smoke break (Story)
Jan 22, 2015
Do not rob neighborhoods of their cultural history (Story)
Jan 15, 2015
Charlie Hebdo attacks hit close to home (Story)
Dec 04, 2014
We will not be silent about sexual violence (Story)
May 02, 2014
Louisiana upholds unconstitutional anti-sodomy laws (Story)
Apr 03, 2014
UNO to cut staff to reduce budgetary deficit (Story)
Apr 03, 2014
Former governors discuss Louisiana issues (Story)
Mar 13, 2014
Partnership with NASA targets STEM students (Story)
Feb 20, 2014
Popular college bars are targeted by NOPD (Story)
Jan 23, 2014
Millennial women see setbacks (Story)
Jan 16, 2014
Monroe Library makes video training system available for use on campus (Story)
Nov 21, 2013
Groups dance to win over future Wolf Pack members (Story)
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