Editor’s Note

Starlight Williams

It’s not hard to find good food in New Orleans. However, for the average broke, college student, good food does not equate a healthy and an affordable meal.
From eating deep fried comfort food to quick and easy neon yellow mac and cheese, it is no surprise that the freshman 15 can quickly become the freshman 51.
Add to the fact that most of the college students I have met either can’t cook without using a microwave or if you are like me, don’t have time to cook at all, it is not surprising that our blood may just be comprised of caffeine and sodium.
So, it wasn’t really a surprise when asked what students want to see in The Wolf, they said they wanted advice on how to eat healthy in New Orleans.
Thus, the 2016 food and dining issue was born. Our writers worked hard to show that yummy food can be good for you too.
Need quick and easy recipes to get you through the week, check out pgs. 10-11. Wondering if it is possible to eat healthy while broke, flip to pg. 5. Craving a taste of a different culture, pg. 4 takes your tastebuds around the world.
Don’t be afraid to bite into your decadent treat, you deserve it, just makesure to have something green on the side as well.