Loyola student has a horror film in the works


Maria Paula Marino

Maura Lindsay at Loyola University New Orleans October 6, 2021. Film studies junior Maura Lindsay grew up loving Tim Burton films, and decided to take on the challenge of directing a horror movie, set to release Spring next year.

“Ghost Girl” is an upcoming psychological horror film which digital filmmaking senior Maura Lindsey is producing on her own.

The film is set close to Halloween season. Currently, casting is currently going on for the live action movie. An old convent across the street from Cabra Hall is one of the locations in the process of being secured.

Lindsey said her own bedroom will be used as another set.

The plot is centered around a sixteen-year-old paranormal investigator called Missy. When an old friend gets in touch with Missy to invite her to a party at a haunted house, the main character ditches her sister.

“The ghosts don’t like unexpected visitors and things get turned upside down,” Lindesy said about the ghosts at the party.

“I grew up watching a lot of Tim Burton movies that actually influenced me heavily in my art style,” Lindsey said. “I’ve always wanted to create a horror movie, and I decided that my senior thesis would be the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Besides film-making, the 22 year old also works with sculpture and studio arts.

Lindsey hopes “Ghost Girl” will showcase her visual arts and storytelling skills.

“I’m a big believer in that you can’t have a good film without a good storyline,” she said.

When she goes into the film industry, Lindsey said she would like to work in art departments and hopes the aesthetics of her film will convey her passion.

“Ghost Girl” will be available for screening in May of 2022. Lindsey hopes to get her film in local film festivals around the same time.