Costume team crafts looks in “Head Over Heels”

Madeline Taliancich

Madeline Taliancich, Managering Editor for Digital

After a year of COVID-19 setbacks, Costume Designer Kaci Thomassie and Assistant Costume Designer Roger Bouche finally got the chance to tackle the costumes in “Head over Heels.”

“I’ve actually had this show in my head, like designed, for quite a while, longer than I normally have to design a show,” Thomassie said. 

The upcoming musical, originally set to premiere in spring 2021, opens this week. 

“There was a lot of time to ferment and think about it. The concept evolved,” Bouche said. 

Costumed by Thomassie and Bouche, “Head Over Heels” features the music of all-female rock band The Go-Go’s and tells a tale of love and acceptance.

“Our whole costume concept reflects the ‘beat’ from beginning to end because in the beginning everyone is dressed in black and white but as they discover the new way of learning the ‘beat’ we add more color to the costumes,” Bouche said. 

The costume designs combine elements of the Elizabethan era, 80s colors, and punk stylings. 

Each actor in “Head Over Heels” has multiple looks created by the costume team to help them capture the unique “beat” of their character. 

Thomassie said the costume team created around 80% of the show’s looks sustainably by upcycling existing pieces and adding its own flair.

“That was a very fun experience getting to take something kind of old and a lil dusty and turning it into something new and beautiful,” Bouche said. 

Thomassie thinks audiences need the joy of “Head Over Heels” now more than ever. 

“After a long pause, especially in the world with theatre, I just think it’s what we all need to see, you know, just have a good time and be entertained,” Thomassie said.