The men’s basketball team puts a championship ring on it


Kloe Witt

The men’s basketball team shows off their new rings under the team banner. They celebrated their championship season on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022. Kloe Witt/The Maroon

Kloe Witt, Staff Writer

The Loyola men’s basketball players and coaches recently celebrated last season’s championship win once more, and they have the bling to show for it.

The team held a ceremony on Nov. 12 where they raised their banner to commemorate winning the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics championship last season, and received their championship rings.

Business management junior, Milan Mejia, was a guard on last season’s team.

“I feel like this is a great experience for us as a team and I’m truly blessed to be a part of it,” Mejia said.

The ceremony was a great way to culminate the team’s efforts to win the championship last season, said Assistant Coach Andrew Fava.

Last season was only the second time in Loyola’s history that this championship has been won. Fava said that having this ceremony and winning this championship is special.

“The amount of work we put in to get to that point, (the ceremony) was the culmination of everything we went through last season,” Fava said.

Even after the ceremony, Majia said this doesn’t change his goals for upcoming seasons.

“(We) just have to make sure we are all focused towards the same goal and doing the same thing again. It doesn’t matter who is on the court or on the team, just that everyone does the best they can, know their role, and compete,” he said.

Second year freshman finance major, Blake Burkey, was one of the returning team members who received a ring at the ceremony. Burkey said that the ceremony meant a lot to him as a player.

“(The ceremony) was a celebration of all the accomplishments that we had as a team. We had an incredible year last year and it was showing that,” Burkey said.

Burkey said he feels as though the ceremony meant a lot to not only the team, but the Loyola community.

“I really think it shows what we can really accomplish when we all work really hard at something and come together as one,” he said.

Only returning players who were a part of last year’s winning team received rings at the ceremony. Fava said that this ceremony not only means a lot to the players who received the rings, but for the new members as well.

“It shows them that we have the potential to do that. It’s one thing to see other schools winning championships but when you are on a team with people who have, it makes the goal a little more attainable,” Fava said.

Fava said that this win will have a long lasting impact, past those who received the rings.

“It’s something the guys are going to strive for. I know that everybody wants to win a championship so seeing the rings, and the prize for all that hard work, it’s inspiring to future teams, future coaches, and whoever comes through our basketball program,” he added.