The Maroon

Opinion: communication about fundraising restrictions was poorly handled

Sophie Trist

April 28, 2019

"Yeah, I'd like a cupcake. How much?" "A dollar." "I don't have any cash on me." "That's okay, we take Venmo." I've heard this conversation dozens of times as I passed various fundraisers for different organizations...

Opinion: Video games have changed for the worse

Jonathan Marshall

April 7, 2019

I'm here to try to break down a strange movement in the gaming development world. To give a very short background, I’ve played Nintendo games since I was a kid — I practically lived off of the Wii and DS — but had many...

Opinion: Marla Belin was a real woman

Challen Palmer

March 31, 2019

The first day Marla Belin and I met, she told me about the date she had gone on the night before in excruciating detail. It was my first day back at work since the holidays had ended and she was one of the many new people hired...

Opinion: You shouldn’t judge a piece of art based on who created it

Cristo Dulom

March 28, 2019

As the dust settles from HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” documentary and Oprah Winfrey’s after show, “After Neverland,” I believe it is time for us to review our opinion of Michael Jackson as a person and as a musical artist. The...

Find a better way to fund your organization

Michael Giusti

March 17, 2019

Every time I walk past a bake sale, I get a little sick to my stomach – not because I have some hatred of cupcakes, but because bake sales are economic malpractice. Hear me out. If you are a member of a club or campus...

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