The Maroon

New York Abortion Bill stirs up controversy

Francesca Du Broca

February 11, 2019

The debate around the topic of abortion is brought up once again to Loyola’s campus thanks to a new bill.The newly-appointed Democratic Senate wasted no time in pushing forward with progressive plans to strengthen women's r...

First medical marijuana pharmacy to open in Louisiana

Vanessa Alvarado

April 30, 2018

Louisiana has recently seen a new development in a groundbreaking industry - there will now be a pharmacy selling medical marijuana. The state Pharmacy Board has chosen New Orleans pharmacist Ruston Henry, co-owner of H&W D...

Louisiana Senate looks to ban abortion after 15 weeks

Miles Rouen

April 26, 2018

While controversy over an anti-abortion display has ignited a debate this week here at Loyola, critical decisions about the legality of abortion in the state have been made by the Louisiana State Senate.On April 24, the Louisia...

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