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In My Opinion: Don’t Waste Your Vote–Go Third Party Instead

Nick Reimann

August 22, 2016

Hillary and Trump: they’re terrible candidates, I get it. Bring up the 2016 election to anyone, and following a sigh and an eye roll, that’s what you’ll hear. Polling backs up these opinions, consistently showing Trump and...

With Cruz and Kasich out, Trump now considered presumptive nominee

Starlight Williams

May 5, 2016

After Donald Trump’s victory in the Indiana primary, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, his closest rival, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have ended their presidential campaigns. Running on a unique platform with self-funding and controversial...

Presidential candidates are racing to the convention finish line

Nick Reimann

April 29, 2016

With delegate leads growing for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many experts believe that the 2016 presidential primary contest may now be all but over. On the Republican side, Donald Trump stands with 987 delegates, far...

Cruz and Kasich team up to oppose Trump

Nicholas Morea

April 27, 2016

Republican candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have partnered up to stop candidate Donald Trump from receiving the amount of delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination. To do this, Kasich has vowed to stop campaigning in states...

Superdelegates act as a Democratic counterweight

April 15, 2016

With the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders separated by around 200 delegates, the purpose of superdelegates come into question. According to Philip Dynia, professor and chairman of political science,...

SGA holds town hall in lieu of debate

Colleen Dulle

April 8, 2016

Because every candidate is running unopposed in this year’s SGA election, the Student Government Association replaced its annual debate with a town hall-style question and answer session. Around 30 students and no faculty ...

Millennials show increased participation in the 2016 presidential elections

April 8, 2016

Contrary to popular belief that Millennials do not vote, Cate Tringali, philosophy senior, will be at the polls this November and every other time she has the opportunity to vote. “I voted in 2012 and 2014, and I anticipate...

Clinton and Trump win in Louisiana primaries

Nick Reimann

March 6, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both cruised to victory in the Louisiana primary. On the Democratic side, Clinton claimed victory winning 71 percent of the vote and carrying 63 of the state’s 64 parishes. Tr...

Louisiana gears up for 2016 presidential primary election

Nicholas Morea

March 4, 2016

With the presidential race heating up, Louisiana is next on the campaign trail for both Republicans and Democrats. On March 5, Louisiana voters registered for a specific party will be able to cast their vote in the Louisiana...

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