Letter to the Editor: Students can’t tolerate the Loyola Internet connection any longer


Dear Loyola,
You have made me a lot of promises during my time as a student.
You promised me a construction-free Buddig Hall my sophomore year.
You were late, but I did not complain.
You put my department in a mobile office in a parking lot, and I did not complain – much. But come on, it’s a parking lot.
You made me take a class on the fifth floor of Monroe Hall last year – aka a construction zone, hard hats required. And rain literally dripped into the classroom, and I did not complain.
You have inconvenienced me, but I understood that all of this was in an effort to improve our school. I look at Buddig now, and while the walls are still painted a shockingly horrific green, I see how much nicer it looks.
I am watching Monroe transform from the ugly submarine-inspired eyesore that it was to a pleasant brick that doesn’t hurt to look at.
But the one thing, Loyola, that has been consistently horrible throughout my time here has been what you call the Internet. The dreaded Loyola-Net buffers any time two people dare to use it. And sometimes it just stops working.
Loyola’s recommended course of action for these Internet-less days? Call IT. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of calling the information technology department at our school, you’ll know that they seldom answer, and they don’t exist on weekends. If you’re lucky enough to talk to a real human being, they usually tell you they’ll send someone to check it out. Whether they actually send someone or not doesn’t matter, as the problem won’t get fixed either way.
We are instead forced to suffer through droughts of Internet-free days. This sounds like what some might call a “first world problem.” I would not argue with this claim.
What I will, however, remind the reader is that I do not mourn for the lost hours of stalking Facebook and reading Buzzfeed. I can always catch up with “The 30 Best Pumpkin Pie Recipes” and read “23 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed With Christmas.”
What I am upset about is the online paper I had to submit and the online physics homework I had to complete, both of which were delayed because of Carrollton’s most recent Internet drought. I find it very frustrating that Loyola’s lack of functioning Internet was the cause of my late work.
Loyola, for the sake of my GPA, please fix the Internet. And for the time being, I know IT won’t fix anything, but will they at least provide me with an excuse note for class?

Very Respectfully,
Maya Schacker
political science junior