NOLA Nightlife outside of the Quarter

Nicholas Ducote

Going to school in New Orleans can lead to a high-paced, hectic and fun lifestyle. There’s always something to do in this city, especially if you know the right places to go.

Many people who’ve lived here for years still find it hard to venture to places outside of the French Quarter. It’s become a faux pas to go downtown to grab a couple drinks with friends and family. So when it’s time to go have a night out and let loose, maybe check out these venues instead.

Cooter Browns Tavern and Oyster Bar is a cozy tavern for anyone and everyone. It’s welcoming for either loud sports fans trying to catch the game or even for a quiet evening with your pals. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, check out the private bar in the back of the tavern known as the “Snooty Cooter.”

Kelsi Irion, a recent LSU nursing school graduate who lives in Uptown, loves this bar for its many facets and has been going there for years.

“I love coming to this bar. I know the bartenders by name, and they always let me sample their awesome foreign beers. I come here to chill with my friends all the time in the back, and it’s also great for watching football,” Irion said.

A refreshing bar that everyone needs to try is Bayou Beer Garden. The garden has a nice atmosphere in the front, as well as in the back patio. The drink selection is appealing, and the garden has been a charming stop for locals for years. It also provides one of the most underrated bar snacks the city has to offer. The garden’s “disco fries” are something everyone needs to try and has become a vice to Allison Spears, UNO student, and other locals.

“This bar is one of my favorite stops. I crave their disco fries. It’s also a nice, relaxed bar away from the headache of downtown,” Spears said.

A bar that everyone needs to start and end their night at is Twelve Mile Limit. Michael Hennessey, A’15, likes the scenic bar, and thinks its one of the best grills in the city. Their cocktails and barbecue have left locals coming back for more again and again. Twelve Mile’s loaded tots, brisket and Bloody Marys are out of this world. The bartenders are patient and craft top-notch drinks. The neighborhood is in the process of being gentrified, but it’s safe and still pleasing to the eye.

“The neighborhood is right on the cusp of Tulane Ave, so many people will drive by it and never know. I like everything about this bar, though. Their brisket put on top of their tots is too much to handle, and the drinks make me salivate,” Hennessey said.

All of these places are a nice trade from downtown New Orleans. They offer a fun getaway that everyone needs to check out. So next time friends or family are in town, bring them to the right place. Downtown is great, but this historic city has more to offer than what we see on a postcard or the Food Network. Go where the locals go. You won’t be disappointed.