New Orleans Nightlife at home


William Hernandez

Lauren Saizan

After spending a week of late-night studying, taking stressful classes, and worrying about life after college, going out on the weekends can seem like a hassle. If you’re looking for a night in at Loyola University, students know just how to spend it: relaxing and recharging.

Resting the mind can mean different things for different people. Some people like to unwind by themselves or in the company of others.

Addie Smith, world religions sophomore, said that taking some time out for herself and de-stressing can sometimes involve other people in the process.

“Taking time for yourself is extremely important because you have to live with yourself every day, and it’s important to learn to love who you are. If it’s late at night and I need some self-time, a good thing to do is to walk around the front of the school with my friend in silence, a little bit a part from each other. That way we’re both safe but can also be alone with our thoughts to process our day and our life,” Smith said.

Bushra Ahmad, biology sophomore, said that sleeping, hanging with friends and watching TV are all ways that she likes to chill.

“Stress ruins you. It builds up in you and drives you crazy. It gets into every nook and cranny of your life and overwhelms you. It leads you to make terrible decisions, so any outlet you can find is good,” Ahmad said.

Ella Jacobs, digital filmmaking sophomore, said that going to your room to relax may not always be an option because you have a roommate, so it’s important to find other ways to relieve stress.

“If I feel like I’m about to stress myself out, I take 10 minutes just to push everything aside and meditate for a bit or journal away. In a sense it’s like self-therapy to be able to just get everything out there,” Jacobs said.

Netflix is a popular way to unwind for Kristen Herrero, management and marketing junior.

“I personally love to be alone and watch TV or Netflix because watching shows automatically lets me escape reality. I could watch a show that correlates to how I feel and put on something that will make me laugh,” Herrero said.

Alex Pucciarelli, theater sophomore, said that she likes to work out to relieve stress, something that Amanda Barry, political science sophomore, also enjoys through kick-boxing.

“I ended up in the hospital last year because I didn’t take enough time for myself and it worries a lot of people you love. You’re the person you’re with 24/7 from birth, so you have to make yourself good company,” Barry said.