The Mortuary unleashes 7 deadly serial killers

Lester Duhe

If the seven deadly sins weren’t lethal enough, The Mortuary Haunted House is taking it one step further by adding seven serial killers to the mix.

For nine years, The Mortuary has been providing gore and terror to audiences across the country. With a couple of weeks left until Halloween, the haunted house will be open until Nov. 1.

According to Ben Hulin, director of marketing for The Mortuary, this year’s theme of Seven Deadly Sins will help guests face their fears while the themed serial killers roam the house.

“It’s all centered around seven serial killers, and these serial killers are here with one reason, and the reason is to terrorize our guests,” Hulin said.

According to Hulin, The Mortuary’s history makes it a perfect place to host a haunted house.

“The building itself was built in 1872 and was an actual operating funereal home for many years, which kind of adds to the scariness of it,” Hulin said.

Bella Pit, another visitor of The Mortuary, said the haunted house did a good job of making all the horror seem real.

“There’s these people with makeup and once you get in there, you forget all of it, and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m actually like in a living horror movie,'” Pit said.

Alexa Bilich, criminal justice senior at Loyola, has visited The Mortuary for the past few years and believes that this year is the scariest yet.

“I was definitely more scared this time. It was really frightening, but we made it through alive, so it’s all good,” Bilich said.