Comedian Adam DeVine visits Loyola to talk about new movie



Adam DeVine sat down with Maroon reporter Zayn Abidin to talk about his new movie “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” The interview took place on April 26 at Loyola’s mass communication news set.

Zayn Abidin , staff writer

Actor and stand-up comedian Adam DeVine was in town to promote his upcoming movie, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” The movie, which will be released nationwide on July 8, also stars Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. During the press tour, he made a stop at Loyola University for an exclusive interview.

In the interview, DeVine talked about the movie, his character and what it was like to work alongside an all-star cast. He also shared his experience of filming the movie in the exotic locales of Hawaii and spoke at length about his long love affair with the city of New Orleans.

What made you want to do this movie? Was it the script or the cast?

Adam: Z-man, can I you call that? Ok. It was just super funny you know? And also, they paid me. I read a lot of scripts now and sometimes you read them and you’re like, “This is stupid, this sucks,” and this was the opposite of that, which was good and not stupid.

How was it working with Zac Efron, Ann Kendrick, who you have worked with before in Pitch Perfect, and Aubrey Plaza?

Adam: It was fun, man. We had a great time. I knew Anna really well doing the Pitch Perfect movies together and I knew Z-Bone (Zac Efron) and Aubrey, I knew as well too. So, we all kind of knew each other beforehand so it was really good. And we shot it in Hawaii!

Zayn: Yeah, that must have been a blast.

Adam: So much fun!

Zayn: It must’ve been like a “work cation”, you know, work and vacation (laughs).

Adam: You know what I did? I have a stand up show called Adam DeVine’s House Party on Comedy Central. I did season 2 of it here in New Orleans and rented out Bamboula’s on Frenchmen Street and partied there for like a month and had a big series of stand-up shows and this year I did “Mike and Dave” in Hawaii and kind of fell in love with the Northshore of Oahu and  did it there. So, next trek, I gotta go somewhere cool.

Zayn: So, the atmosphere on set must have been like New Orleans, like a party, always.

Adam: Yeah but more pineapply drinks. You guys have your Sazerac’s here, your tasty whiskey and your grenades. And over there, it’s just pineapples infused with Vodka. Also, a pretty fun afternoon.

In the movie, the characters played by you and Zac Efron  have a tendency to ruin family events because of their dangerous antics. So, do you recall a time in your life when you ruined a family event because of something that you did?

Adam: No. I’m pretty good at family events, to be quite honest. The character that I play, Mike, he is a monster. What I like so much about this movie is that, I don’t like snarkiness, you know when people act like they are too good or better than everyone else. But these guys definitely don’t think that. They just want everybody to have a good time.

If you have to convince someone to go see this movie, what would you say to convince them to go see it?

Adam: Zac’s abs and my neck fat. Yeah, that’s perfect and that’s what you want in a comedy, (points to his neck “fat”) all my comedy derives from this area of my body. So, that’s why I like to come to New Orleans to cultivate it, so if I go back to LA, I eat a salad, and it starts to shrink up. So, I come here to get it (neck fat) back, so I can work on my comedy chops.


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