Loyola launches new awareness movement

Colleen Dulle

lift up loyolaSeveral Loyola offices are spearheading a new movement called Lift Up Loyola to raise campus awareness of mental health and drug abuse issues.

The campaign will promote the resources available to the university community and will encourage the use of these resources to help those who may be struggling.

An announcement on Loyola’s website stated that mental illness, suicide and drug abuse were increasing throughout the United States, and these trends had “trickled down into our community.”

The movement will promote resources including counseling, the Care and Concern Committee, the sexual assault Advocacy Initiative, the Silent Witness anonymous reporting hotline, the Good Samaritan medical amnesty policy, the Office ofMission and Ministry and Step Up, a training program on how to have difficult conversations.

Patricia Murret, associate director of public affairs, said the movement will be visible on campus in posters and bulletin boards, as well as on social media.

“Fundamental to the Lift Up Loyola messaging is the underlying message that reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength,” Murret said.

Cissy Petty, vice president of student affairs, described the movement’s goal of community members supporting one another, especially as they emerge from the grieving process.

“Grief is a powerful teacher, and over time the lessons learned and memories gained come together in such a way that we are forever changed. Lift Up Loyola resonates with the idea that after the rain, the sun returns. Only through this transformation are we able to truly elevate. We are all in this together, and in unison, we will lift Loyola into a higher and brighter day,” Petty said.