Letter to the Editor: Class gift donations are up and are not worth growling at

Chris Wiseman, [email protected]

I’ve been a fan of your newspaper since my student days a long, long time ago, and “Howls & Growls” is one of my favorite parts of The Maroon. However, your March 4 edition was disappointing.

You growled at “the historically low number of donations to the senior class gift.” If you are referring to the generosity of this year’s senior class, I must disagree.

I can report that as of this writing, senior class giving is up compared to recent years. The Senior Class Gift Committee deserves great credit for leading this effort and for choosing meaningful and difference-making projects in the University Counseling Center and the Havoc mascot costume.

Seniors can make a gift any time by going to giving.loyno.edu, but the deadline for seniors to use a gift to honor someone in print in the Commencement program is Friday,
April 22.

Given the generous nature of the talented Loyola Class of 2016, it would not surprise me at all to end up with a big jump in senior class giving this year. When that happens, I hope to hear a heartyMaroon howl.