It’s the finals countdown

Editor’s Note

Its the finals countdown

Starlight Williams

If you are like me, you are probably drowning in a sea of papers and exams. Or maybe, you are slightly more prepared and are just waiting to see your A’s on your grade report. Better yet, you may be a senior, already with one foot out the door, ready to embrace or run away from your first taste of true adulthood.

Whatever situation you’re in, The Wolf has prepared a wonderful guide to make sure you are productive in your procrastination. Want to try some adult coloring? Check out the color-your-own cover page. Get the brain juices flowing on pg. 3 with some mind puzzles. The answer to your future can be found on pg. 5., and for random facts that you didn’t need to know, check out the back page.

So hold on tight. Finals are just around the corner…but luckily, summer is, too.