Loyola’s track and field team sets eyes on conference championship


Sophomore Asia Marie Kelly jumps over a hurdle at the Tulane Twilight Invitational on March 4, 2016. Photo credit: Courtesy of the Athletic Department

Jc Canicosa

As the spring season begins, Loyola’s track and field team hopes to see their hard work in the offseason pay off.

Nick Dodson, head coach, said that he feels that his team is in a good place for the start of the season.

“Preparation for the upcoming season has been very good,” Dodson said. “I will see where we are once everyone comes back from the Christmas break, but all and all I believe we are ready to go.”

Many of the runners, such as Christian Lynch, management senior, have been focusing on strengthening their weaknesses in their running ability while others have focused on being as healthy as possible for the season opener.

“I have been working on my speed, and my reaction time is something that can always get better. Some days I react like the Flash, others I feel like a snail. I want to have more consistency when competing,” Lynch said.

“I have always wanted to get faster since my first race freshman year. I’m never truly happy with a race or a jump unless it is a new personal record. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I always aim to have the best race of my life every time I step in the blocks.”

Team chemistry is another big key to the success for the team this season, and according to Yesenia Davis, biology sophomore, the team’s chemistry is even stronger than last year’s.

“I consider my teammates to be some of my closest friends,” Davis said. “We all push each other to be better when we’re at practice because we see the potential that each of us possess.”

Although the team is very young, Dodson said he expects nothing short of their best this season.

“I want us to qualify as many athletes as we can for both the indoor and outdoor national championships and get someone on the podium and earn All-American honors. This will put us in a great position for a bright future as we are a very young team,” Dodson said.

Lynch echoes Dodson’s hopes for the team and looks forward to seeing the team’s accomplishments.

“In the end, I want to see as many teammates as possible on the podium at conference and nationals. We struggle together and succeed together, but when we get on the bus to go to the meets, we’re family,” Lynch said.