Loyola gets fancy with 3-course dinner in the OR

Lily Cummings

Students were able to get a taste of the high-brow society as they dined on a three-course dinner in the OR.

A reservation was required on  OrgSync, then students were able to get a lobster dinner for the meal cost of one meal swipe and $8 in cash or WolfBucks on Jan 23.

Pheobe Cook, Loyola dining services general manager, said that each month the OR will feature an elite dining event. She went on to say that the their new executive chef is attempting create a fun and exciting menu for students to enjoy.

Students sat back and enjoyed as servers brought out a salad, a side of cheddar biscuits, a main course, which included a lobster and some potatoes and a corn on the cob, and dessert.

Dining services even provided plastic bibs on each seat and a cup full of melted butter per plate. Students were also free to enjoy the regular OR items not roped off exclusively for lobster eaters.

Unexpectedly, dinner came with a show as students who were pros gave lessons to students who had never seen a full crustacean on their plate.

Kati Hash, history junior, was among many who had never tried lobster before and wasn’t quite sure how to start meal.

“How the hell am I going to eat this?” Hash asked.

Calvin Tran, music therapy sophomore, had similar feelings when one of the servers set his main course before him.

“I’m terrified,” Tran said. “I have no idea how to eat lobster.”

In the end, it was Blaise Wise, a more experienced lobster consumer and biology freshman, who decided to help Tran out with the basics.

Wise, New Orleans native, said he was more familiar with crawfish. Wise said he felt that the money paid was worth the meal and service in the OR.

“The meal was worth the peel,” Wise said.