Elections season is approaching for the Student Government Association

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Elections season is approaching for the Student Government Association

Victoria Hedin

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Paola Wollants, current SGA senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, said she is excited to run again in the upcoming elections.

Each of the four senate positions are available, even current members have to campaign again to win a spot.

The qualifications for running include attending one informational session, maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5, completing and submitting the election packet forms, and understanding the duties of the position.

“I would like for students to feel encouraged to reach out to us for help or with any concerns they might have. For our work to be better, our communication with them has to be better as well,” Wollants said.

Students who are running will have one week to campaign. The elections for the new SGA team will then take place the week of April 24, and students will be voting during this time.

Elisa Diaz, SGA president, said students should not hesitate to contact current SGA members with any questions about the expectations, and that OrgSync will be the most important resource.

Diaz’s biggest piece of advice is to get in contact with a current SGA member before running. She also wants to remind students to keep in mind the importance of SGA, and it strives to be an inclusive organization, not just a “resume booster.”

For more information, check out the SGA page on OrgSync at orgsync.com/67501/files.