Sports Complex hosts first ‘Rec Night’

Brian Wollitz

The Loyola Sports Complex hosted its first ever Rec Night giving students an opportunity to explore all the different programs the department has to offer.

On Monday, Rec Night welcomed students to participate in an event full of free food, prizes and fun. Rec Night included different activities ranging from knockerball, basketball, dodgeball and mini golf, to group fitness class demos like Zumba and Body Pump. The event also included information about intramural and club sports as well as giving students and patrons a chance to meet the different personal trainers and learn more about the different fitness programs.

Zach Bracey, assistant director of campus recreation said the goal was to have a night dedicated to the students so they could see the different programs available to them as well as helping them get physically active.

“This is the first time we’ve tried this event. Basically we are promoting everything campus recreation tonight. It’s a great way for them to come learn about the different opportunities they have in campus recreation,” Bracey said.

Megan Byas, student involvement fitness coordinator, hoped to have a Rec Night this past fall, but they decided to do it in the spring to see how the event could work out.

“Typically we’d like to do an event like this in the fall, but we wanted go ahead and do a trial and error so it was kind of appropriate to do it in the spring,” Byas said.

The event took place on the re-opening of the renovated gym, but Byas said Rec Night planning did not coincide with the re-opening.

“We really didn’t know for sure when the weight room was going to be open; it just so happens to be today. It’s a nice addition though,” Byas said.

Maggie Donatelli, mass communication senior, said she wished an event like this was available to students earlier, but she still had fun and learned a lot about the different programs they offer.

“I wish Rec Night happened before my senior year because I didn’t know about all the cool fitness programs, clubs and intramural sports they have. It was still a lot of fun getting free food and hanging with my friends tonight,” Donatelli said.

Moving forward, Byas said she hopes that Rec Night will be a regular event in the fall giving students an opportunity to learn about the programs at the start of the year.

“We are looking to make this a regular thing in the fall because that seems to be the most eager time for people and thats when we can get all the students in early. It also gives us a chance to put a face to the different programs we offer,” Byas said.