Loyola cutting 60 positions from workforce


Nick Reimann

Another round of cuts is coming to Loyola, Interim Provost David Borofsky announced in an email to faculty and staff on Friday.

Those cuts include 12 buyouts to faculty, as well as a decision to “reduce our workforce” with 27 staff positions and 21 vacant positions being eliminated.

This comes despite enrollment increases for the upcoming semester, with these new cuts arriving only a year after a round of cuts led to the buyout of nearly 50 university employees.

“Choices regarding employee reductions do not come easily, and in a community as close-knit as ours, change is often felt deeply,” Borovsky said in the email. “We hold the utmost respect and gratitude for each and every person affected by these reductions.”

The now-lighter load of faculty and staff begin the next academic semester August 21.