Ament excited to start new adventure


Nathan Ament, director of admissions, hopes to use his new position to grow the university. Ament began working on January 11 and is excited to work for a Jesuit University. CRISTIAN ORELLANA /The Maroon.

Madison Mcloughlin

Nathan Ament has already begun to set sail as Loyola’s new director of admissions. Ament plans on increasing efficiencies and continuing the momentum and growth of the university during his time here.

Having never worked for a Jesuit university before, Ament was excited about doing something different. Loyola is also the largest institution that Ament has worked for in terms of undergraduate students.

“I was honored and also excited to be offered this position and being able to work with such a great team,” Ament said. “I’m very excited to be working with Dr. Head at an institution with national recognition.”

After discovering that being a band director was not his forte, Ament took a job his friend offered him in the admissions office at Aurora University in Illinois. Since then, Ament has worked in admissions, earning leadership roles and experience.

Due to his extensive experience in the admissions offices across several universities, Ament believes he will be put to good use mentoring the admissions staff at Loyola. He is also confident in his ability to conquer the challenges the job brings him.

One of the things that Ament loves most about Loyola is the student body. Ament finds himself drawn to institutions with students who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

“I have always ended up at quirky institutions where the students tend to not fit into stereotypes,” he said. “They are real and more down to earth.”

Loyola, although similar to his previous experiences in some ways, is going to be a new adventure for Ament, his wife and their two children. After previously residing in Illinois and working at home, Ament finds it refreshing to be in the warmer weather and back on a college campus.

“When I got here, everyone was friendly, at Loyola as well as in the city,” Ament said. “I’m excited to get to know Loyola and New Orleans, too, seeing as I had no knowledge about the city previously.”

Like many students, Ament also has an after school hobby: boats.

“I love boats,” Ament exclaimed. “I’ve had ten boats in the last seven years.”

Ament hopes that now that he is located in New Orleans, near the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain, that he will be able to continue buying, fixing up and selling boats for fun.

Ament hopes to be the opposite of the Titanic for the admissions department and waits eagerly to see what is in store for the years to come.