Ask the Pack: Mardi Gras


Katelyn Fecteau

Ask the Pack is a weekly question posed to the Loyola community. This week, we asked students: What do you wish they threw off of floats at the parades?

Terran Lumpkin, psychology junior

Terran Lumpkin_CMYK_PRINT.jpg

“Snacks for the parade route, because sometimes I get hungry.”

Marco Pittarelli, mass communication senior

Marco Pitarelli_RGB_WEB.jpg

“I wish they threw eco-friendly beads … and maybe a drink or two.”

Tori Wilson, physics junior


“Cash money—bundles of it!”

Jack Laughlin, biology pre-med freshman

Jack Laughlin_CMYK_PRINT.jpg

“iPhone headphones; I’ve been needing those.”

Max Heimburger, political science senior


“I wish I could get something from Mardi Gras that I’d want after the week is over. Maybe have one parade where their big thing is something that isn’t cheap plastic.”

Danielle Bella, music therapy junior

Danielle Bella_RGB_WEB.jpg

“Toiletries, such as tampons, toilet paper—not Tucks toilet paper—face wash, some soap, some shoe inserts…”

Tony Domino, vocal performance freshman

Tony Domino_CMYK_PRINT.jpg

“A new pair of Muses shoes that I could actually wear!”