Loyola to host conference Cheer and Dance Championships


Loyola’s competitive dance team doing a holiday halftime routine during Photo credit: Loyola New Orleans Athletics

Andres Fuentes

It smells like cheer spirit as Director of Athletics Brett Simpson and head cheer and dance coach Rickey Hill announced that the 2019 Southern States Athletic Conference Cheer and Dance Championship will be host by Loyola Universtiy New Orleans.

The event will take place across two days, starting with the Championship Banquet on Feb. 1 in the St. Charles Room. The competition will take place the next day in The Den. Tickets will be sold for $5 and both events will be live streamed on loyolawolfpack.com.

Loyola’s competitive dance team will look to three-peat as conference champions this year while the cheer team looks to improve on their third-place finish at last year’s competition.