Loyola’s janitorial staff placed under new management


Photo credit: Shamaria Bell

Emma Noble

After spending six years on submarines for the United States Navy and 25 years traveling the country with his wife, John Andrews has joined Loyola’s community as the new site manager of the school’s custodial services.

Andrews works for WFF Facility Services, Loyola’s janitorial maintenance provider, as the director of custodial services. Andrews is in charge of ensuring clean interior spaces on campus and will also manage setup for various on-campus events.

Although Andrews now calls the Crescent City “home,” his experience reaches far beyond New Orleans, and even the U.S.

Due to his wife’s position as a government employee, Andrews has been able to travel across the country. He previously worked facility maintenance for Jewish community centers and YMCAs in upstate New York for eight years. He then moved overseas to west Africa in 2010 to be a facility manager for the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

In the six years following his move to Africa, Andrews worked as the operations and security manager for the International School of Dakar.

“It was an incredible experience,” Andrews said. “We took a place that was not in a good position, and we brought them up to become the highest rated school in Africa. It was very rewarding.”

When asked how he found himself in this particular field, Andrews said he has always been good at fixing things and making processes work. Those skills led him to his current position at Loyola — a university Andrews said holds a special place in the hearts of those at WFF.

“Our company, WFF, has managed the custodial services on this campus for over 40 years,” Andrews said. “They were our original client and we have grown immensely since then.”

Andrews said WFF now manages more than 42 universities across the United States.

Outside of work, Andrews is an avid sportsman, spending much of his time hunting and fishing with his two dogs. When he isn’t outdoors, he enjoys reading science-fiction novels and spending time with his wife.

During his time at Loyola, Andrews said he hopes to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction and provide the university with consistent and reliable service.

“It’s a dirty business,” he joked, “but we are fully committed to giving Loyola the highest level of service that WFF is possible of putting forth.”