Loyola pushes online education with new hire


Photo credit: Jawdat Tinawi

Anum Siddiqui

Loyola is hoping to cater to students in online classes through the addition of a new online Student Success Center coordinator, to dovetail with the online program added last year.

Corina Todoran, originally from Romania, plans to provide online students resources beyond the existing Student Success Center.

She said her goal is make these students feel like they are a part of Loyola, something she herself has experienced.

“I felt as if I belonged to this community from the first moment I walked on campus to interview for this position,” said Todoran, who is a couple months into her time at Loyola.

“Our mission is to serve students from various backgrounds and support them in becoming ‘men and women with and for others.’” said Todoran.

With the help of Todoran, success center is working on developing a series of support programs for students who may never step foot on Loyola’s campus.

“In addition to providing success coaching, I am developing retention strategies that help online students feel connected to the university, such as live streaming workshops and providing various platforms for access to resources and networking, Todoran said.

Online programs aim to attract nontraditional students who are not able to pursue an on-campus degree at Loyola due to family and work commitments or other circumstances, according to Todoran.

“The online setting allows us to reach everyone who might match with our programs regardless of their location, age and career status,” Toodoran said.

Todoran said having her doctorate in occupational and adult education as well as extensive experience with teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels will help her to excel in her new position.

“I chose to work at Loyola because its mission aligns with my philosophy of education, which is serving diverse students. I am genuinely interested in facilitating adult development,” Todoran said.

As a new mentor, she wants to ensure all students are successful and graduate on time with their projections.

“Being an online student requires motivation and self-discipline and I am pleased to offer my assistance to online learners who chose to be part of our community,” said Todoran.