Review: Netflix’s ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is a burst of creativity


Courtesy of Netflix

Sam Lucio

Have you ever wanted a series about a sentient yogurt conquering the world, or farmers in giant mech suits defending their land from aliens, or mercenaries battling dracula with cats? Probably not, but Netflix’s new animated anthology series “Love, Death and Robots” does it anyway.

“Love, Death and Robots” consists of 18 stand-alone episodes, all under 20 minutes, created by Tim Miller. Each episode is created by an entirely different studio and covers the topics of either love, death or robots, sometimes all three.

Watching “Love, Death and Robots” was an experience I hadn’t quite had with any other Netflix series. “Love, Death and Robots” is extremely imaginative and creative for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that each episode is created by a different studio. This allows for a completely different animation style and tone in every episode. Some episodes are very artsy, outside-the-box and whimsical whereas others are more realistic looking and gritty.

While the animation styles and tones may differ, every episode in “Love, Death and Robots” still seamlessly belongs with each other and carries the same dark humor and not safe for work attitude throughout.

One episode is about a rape victim who starts a new life as a death-arena champion where the characters control large monsters, and then the very next episode is about three sarcastic robots wandering through the human apocalypse. Another episode is a heartfelt love story about a boy and a spirit coming to grips with the industrial revolution in Japan, whereas the next episode is about werewolves hired by the United States military to hunt terrorists in Afghanistan. The beauty of “Love, Death and Robots” is that you never know what will happen next except that each episode is made with the utmost care and detail which leaves no room for any filler.

“Love, Death and Robots” constantly keeps you on your toes with its Twilight Zone-esque twists and turns and retains your undivided attention simply with its uniqueness.

If you are looking to watch something fresh, original and creative with dark, adult themes then “Love, Death and Robots” is one of the best options available.