Best Brunch in Town: College Edition


Satsuma’s omelet with avocado toast and smoked salmon with tomatoes and spinach sits on a plate on a Sunday morning. This is a go-to for many restaurant patrons. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold

Valerie Cronenbold

In addition to its thriving nightlife and booze culture, New Orleans is every foodie’s paradise. And there’s no better way to recover from a night out than a delicious brunch in the morning. Check out some of our favorite spots.

1. Satsuma

Satsuma on Maple Street is a hotspot for Sunday brunch in Uptown New Orleans. It is most famous for it’s millennial-magnet avocado toast, which is easily complemented with salmon. Satsuma offers healthy alternatives for both breakfast and brunch, including vegan options. In addition, they offer fine french toast. Cold-pressed, fresh juices are available and prepared daily for the healthy and natural meal consumer.

Satsuma’s omelet with avocado toast and smoked salmon with tomatoes and spinach sits on a plate on a Sunday morning. This is a go-to for many restaurant patrons. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold


2. Empanola

Empanola opened its second location last year on Freret Street. It has become the perfect location for Loyola students to stop by for an authentic Latin meal. The beauty of this place is that it infuses traditional South American empanadas with New Orleans classics, such as crawfish and gumbo-flavored empanadas. It also offers empanadas with egg toppings, making the perfect breakfast option. They come in different shapes, and can be bought in a combo or a pair with either soup or salad. Although Empanola does not have a specific brunch menu, it is open by 11 a.m. and is delicious at any time of the day.

Several empanadas sit in a to-go box from Empanola. Each empanada comes with it’s own shape and flavor. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold

3. Camellia Grill

The Camellia Grill is known across New Orleans as an uptown landmark. Historically open since 1946, it has been classified as an essential stop for visitors to the city. Unmissable on Carrolton Avenue, its popular omelets and egg breakfasts of all types are delicious. While often jam-packed with tourists for brunch during the weekend, it stays open late. Their classic cold brews are underrated, and its proximity to campus makes it the perfect early-morning stop.

One of New Orleans’s most iconic places to eat. The restaurant has been open since 1946. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold

4. La Madeleine

La Madeleine, right across the street from Camellia Grill, is a cute French bakery and café offering various dishes for all tastes. Open early, starting at 7 a.m., it is perfect for brunch, as it offers options from croissants to omelettes to American breakfasts, all on their all-day breakfast menu. Salads, wraps and sandwiches are viable options for light eaters. Sweet teeth can also rejoice in indulgences such as waffle and strawberry pancakes, chocolatey pastries and crepes.

Crunch pastries are served at La Madeleine. These are baked fresh daily. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold

5. Refuel Café

Refuel Café sits right next to the Macarena Pupuseria on Hampson Street. Its specialty is brunch, as it closes at 2 p.m. They offer variety in dishes consisting of omelettes, scrambled eggs and coffee. They also have a section of “smart choice mornings” for a healthy start to your day. European-like meals are also served, such as potato galette and Belgian-style waffles prepared with strawberries. Its convenient location and reasonable prices make for a great choice for your next brunch meal with friends.

Refuel is known around town for their hardy breakfast. The dish featured is their signature croissant with scrambled eggs topped with bacon and avocado. Photo credit: Valerie Cronenbold